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Raised Floor system gives you solution to the modern office’s needs and the flexibility to access cables, piping and other IT infrastructures that are laid underneath your data center and office flooring.


Access floor which was invented to solve problems for cables in Mainframes and large computers are now widely used in office areas, telecommunication, data centers, switchgear rooms and etc. 


With access floor, not only you will have a peace of mind for your cables and IT infrastructures, you can also use it as air plenum for Precision Air Conditioning and ensure maximum efficiency to cool your Computer Systems.

Our products are very well designed to suit all kinds of application, and are able to support most of modern equipments, such as UPS, Blade Computers, Racking System, and other Controlling devices.

We, PT Rafindo Bangun Lestari strive our best to be both your long term partner and solution provider for your projects.

Hopefully, our website can be resourceful to you and if there is any question, please feel free to send us an email or a call.

Remember, choosing the right type of access floor system for your business will maximize your investment, today and tomorrow.



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